About Us


Loctio mission is to democratize the IoT location based services by catering position capabilities to billions of devices out there, most of them confined by limited processing and power resources. Empowering even the lowest cost members of IoT devices family with the property of precise location estimation either for navigation or tracking goes beyond the notion of service and becomes an innovation enabler. However in order to be humble and aligned with the market buzzwords we are advertising our company as a Location as a Service (LaaS) provider able to dovetail perfectly with your IoT driven business model and infrastructure already in place.


Leaving aside the technology and marketing jargon, Loctio was conceived by a heterogeneous team full of creativity which thought once that processing the satellites raw signals at the Cloud it’s an idea that rocks. Then it mobilized it’s human resources to explore whether this idea incarnation would be remediating potential adopter existing pains or be furnishing gains and most importantly if what we envisage as a customer would be willing to pay for this materialization. All this intriguing endeavor wound up to a viable and scalable business model much appreciated by what constituted later on our VC and angel investors.


With presence for now in Athens, Barcelona and Tokyo, Loctio foresees a universe of numerous interconnected devices each of them gifted with the charisma to accurately know or provide the means for determining it’s precise position. For a continuous consistent seamless location detection experience in both indoor and outdoor environments even amid harsh conditions a single technology is not enough thus multiple approaches shall be chained together. For reckoning timely and securely the position with acceptable precision, confidence and integrity apart from GNSS, localization methods and data from other terrestrial sources like but not limited to 5G and IMUs shall be baked in accompanied by advanced Machine Learning, Crowdsourcing-Fingerprinting or Collective Perception. Loctio is willing to render all this sophisticated IP processing throughout it’s Cloud and Edge LaaS offering.