Use Cases

Asset tracking

Asset tracking, cold chain monitoring and especially smart containers are experiencing an exponential growth. Extending battery lifespan of the container resident smart devices alongside offering position authentication across the whole supply chain creates a premium value for both the shippers and the carriers.

Fit trackers

Fit trackers embodying GNSS chipsets drain almost momentarily their tiny batteries. Supporting a low power mode selectively for certain routines based on Cloud GNSS without depriving of the ability to enable the conventional GNSS mode at any time could improve drastically battery duration.


Impact of GNSS spoofing can be tremendous for autonomous Drones. Certifying the conventional GNSS given position allows for spoofing-free flights.

Farming and Livestock

Precision farming and livestock monitoring have been surging during the last years. Especially for the latter extremely low power GNSS positioning could be taking advantage of energy harvesting for the materialization of fit-and-forget sensors.